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It SOUNDS Awesome….

I bet this would be really cool if it weren’t created by Yahoo…

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Goal Recognition

Frequently you hear athletes, successful business people, etc… saying, “You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it” or some similar variation of goal achievement. I find that a lot of people (myself included) frequently just lack the

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Transparency Call: You show me yours and I'll…. hey, look over there! Isn't that Elvis???

Everybody is calling for more transparency. Domainers say the parking companies and the PPC ad networks need to be more transparent. The advertisers pull their hair out because it seems that every ad network and publisher goes out of their

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Old TV Shows on Demand

I’m sitting here watching the Wiggles with my 12 month old. Not a bad show, actually. I’m partial to Jack’s Big Music Show or the Upside Down Show. But what I’m thinking about right now is how I recently did

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The Return of Marketing-Speak

I remember back in around 2000-2001 how overwhelmed the internet industry had become with verbal diarrhea subterfuge.  Now the ‘net is back and hopping and with the return of the hops comes the return of the trots. “We utilize best

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