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Transparency Call: You show me yours and I'll…. hey, look over there! Isn't that Elvis???

Everybody is calling for more transparency. Domainers say the parking companies and the PPC ad networks need to be more transparent. The advertisers pull their hair out because it seems that every ad network and publisher goes out of their

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I was struck today with the memory of what I guess could be called my first ‘domaining moment’. Yes, was the first domain I ever bought, but I don’t consider that to be ‘domaining’. The second domain I ever

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Why You Should Own

Everybody should own their  I may have said this before somewhere around here but I firmly believe it.  For so many reasons, if your name is still available you should go out and buy it. 1.  Professional reason –

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ClownPenis.Fart – The Last Domain Available

Just remembered yesterday that SNL skit a few years back about the bank that got the last domain available… www.ClownPenis.Fart. So ahead of their time!  The massive land grab for domains has shifted into high gear.  You can’t miss domainers

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This internet thing… I think I'm missing something…

Last night on CNBC on the show “On the Money”, they ran a clip about Kevin Ham and ‘domaining’.  It wasn’t the most flattering light to shine on this sector of making money online.  Have you ever gone to type

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