My Indiana Jones 4 Review

Just got home from watching Indiana Jones 4. Like Godfather 3 and Rocky 5, it never should have been made.

Random thoughts that came to me throughout the two hours that I will never be able to get back…

1. All this movie is missing is Ewoks. (But just then, a bunch of monkeys showed up that basically filled the role.)

2. How long until the Disney ride is announced? (**edit – Too late)

3. Shai Labeuouueueooueaeio(sometimes y)f. My new rule: If he’s in it, don’t see it.

4. Skulls with frickin lasers

5. This is like a video game played on super-novice level. Or with the immortality cheat code used.

6. I don’t really remember the Temple of Doom movie except that it had really grating and annoying sidekicks. Oh wait…

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2 comments on “My Indiana Jones 4 Review
  1. Conor Neu says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Especially with the Ewoks and Disney ride.

    More cheesy and corny than the first Jones’, yet without the quality supporting comedic supporting cast.

    The saddest part for me were the cheers and clapping throughout and after the movie. I feel like those people had convinced themself before seeing anything that it was a great movie.

  2. Chris Thompson says:

    I totally agree with you about Indiana Jones. Whoever decided to put aliens in it should be shot. When I think of Indiana Jones I think of “sort of” hot actresses and nazis trying to take over the world. Not and old lady and and old man trying to find a space ship. Don’t get me started on the lady with psychic power…..

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