Old TV Shows on Demand

I’m sitting here watching the Wiggles with my 12 month old. Not a bad show, actually. I’m partial to Jack’s Big Music Show or the Upside Down Show.

But what I’m thinking about right now is how I recently did a program search on my Tivo for all available sitcoms and came up empty handed. I have how many hundreds of channels that are on 24 hours a day? Sure sure, there is a lot of ‘paid programming’ on at odd hours. But not one single channel has Alf? Diffrent Stroke? Charles in Charge? Growing Pains? Who’s the Boss? C’MON!!! No old Miami Vice or Magnum PI?

This seems to be the perfect web play. Can’t somebody license up with all the old tv shows to stream them on the web? I mean, how expensive could CHiPs be right now?

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