The Return of Marketing-Speak

I remember back in around 2000-2001 how overwhelmed the internet industry had become with verbal diarrhea subterfuge.  Now the ‘net is back and hopping and with the return of the hops comes the return of the trots.

“We utilize best of breed technologies” – Thank God you told me, otherwise I would have assumed you used crap.

“We are a leading provider of…”  If you have 20 race horses and 19 are in the exact same position and the 20th dropped dead coming out of the gate, aren’t you still leading?

“We specialize in the deployment of mission-critical advertising…”  In business, if the advertising isn’t mission-critical, it’s a charity donation.

I swear, I half expect my old Director of Marketing to come walking into my office barking about Soup-to-nut solutions any minute now!

One last thing: Tchotchkes!

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